28-Day Challenge

Finally, a 28-day challenge that works. But only if you do.

This is a tough challenge. I promise you that after these first 28 days you can step back into a more moderate, long-term, and sustainable plan. Participation requires use and membership within the mobile app – Trainerize.

Program details include:

  • Work out 6 days a week, with active recovery on day 7
  • All videos available on-demand, in-app
  • Sample meal plan available in-app, or choose to use your own meal plan.
  • Eat 3 times within 8 hours. Alternatives: eat 2 times, 4-6 hours apart
  • Absolutely NO alcohol, gluten, dairy, snacks, or desserts
  • Habit tracker in-app will include all 5 pillars of health
    • Sleep
    • Water
    • Exercise
    • Food
    • Stress Management

Have questions? I’m available to talk about program details and health goals. Let’s chat!

>>>>>>   Can you believe this program is only $50?  <<<<<<

Your health is of high value, invest a small amount now to have a strong kick-start.

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