Boot Camp

Our guided fitness and nutrition-based boot camp is guaranteed to bring you the results you are looking for. Based out of Grayslake, IL, we have been helping people just like you lose their extra pounds and slim down their waist and pants sizes for nearly 10 years!

Becka, our owner, creator, and trainer, knows exactly how to motivate each member that participates in our Grayslake Boot Camp so they can be successful in their fitness and nutritional goals. She went to school for nutrition and personal training, which makes her an expert in her craft. She also has a background in physical education and dance, making her the perfect trainer for all types of physical work.

Learn more about Becka’s Boot Camp in Grayslake, IL, here and sign up to get fit today!


I was nervous to start working out again after an injury and months of inactivity. Becka’s has a comfortable environment with workouts that are varied and challenging. She encourages you but without pressure. I thought a workout was only on a cardio machine before meeting Becka. I am so glad to have found her Bootcamp and pocket training.


Becka is a fantastic coach! She is helpful and positive. Not only does she help with the physical but also the mental blockades we erect in relation to working out. Her advice on diet and meal planning is always in the back of my mind when planning meals for my family.