Class Schedule

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We have changed some things recently due to CDC and local health department guidelines. We will continue to follow the situation and make changes as needed.

We are currently offering boot camp classes for up to 4 people in person. We are offering zoom boot camp, yoga, and zumba classes. We also provide recordings of the boot camp classes (yoga and zumba will be coming).

You need to create an account in punch pass to sign up for class, you can view the schedule here though. To sign up and pay for class, you can bookmark the web page

FAQ about class!

In person classes: Becka is working with meeting people at their comfort. Class size is back to a max of 6 people. For those who prefer to not share equipment, we will make that happen. The mask mandate has been dropped, however, you are welcome to wear one if you want. Most classes are a circuit style, set to a timer. Each person does their own exercise, and we rotate through all exercises for the day.

Zoom boot camp: Becka gives equipment used at the beginning of class. If you don’t have something, we can make changes. No dumbbells, no problem grab some cans of soup. Kettlebell work can be done with a gallon jug. Make sure you have an area to work with some open floor space, get some water to drink. Becka records herself during the class, so you will be muted. Becka will guide and cue you, but is working out with you. So there isn’t individual corrections while you work. In fact, you can keep your camera off, if you choose. Zoom classes are set on an as needed basis, if you need a different time or day, reach out to Becka.

Youtube boot camp: Generally, you will need to do your warm up before hitting play. Becka likes to chat with people as they come in to the live class, and that makes the warm up a bit distracting as a recording. In the description and at the beginning of the recording, she shares equipment used for the workout. The link is available from Becka, make sure you reach out to her for details.

Zumba zoom: Have some open space to move and set your device up so you can see/hear Lamaiya. She starts with warm up and takes you through to a cool down. As Lamaiya is demonstrating/moving along with you, you can choose to keep your video on or off. Most importantly, it is ok if your head or feet are cut off the view.

Yoga zoom: While a yoga mat, blocks, a strap, and a bolster may sometimes be used, household items work well too. Lamaiya has her area set up so you can see if she has pulled out any props for class. A towel or belt works for the strap. A book or shoe box can be a block. And couch cushions or pillows can substitute for a bolster. Classes are labeled as restorative, flow, and modifications. The Saturday class is a free community class, open to all levels.