Personal Fitness and Wellness

Personal fitness and wellness are the key to staying physically and mentally healthy. Becka’s Boot Camp is happy to offer tips to promote healthy living for all.


At the core of everyone’s health, the fundamental truth remains—your body relies primarily on the nutrition you decide to provide it with. If an athlete eats nothing but fast food, they will still be unhealthy. Giving your body the nutrition it needs starts with the foundation of your diet. Start at home and make the changes your body deserves!

What is healthy and ideal for one person’s performance and health goals is not always ideal for the next person. Becka understands this at a deeper level, as she has worked to overcome autoimmune health difficulties. Nutrition is not black and white, but fundamentally some things are true for everyone.

  • Eat more real food. A whole food is always better than a processed one.
  • Limit processed foods, some should be probably even be excluded.
  • Typically, Americans need to increase their fiber intake with whole foods, not fortified processed foods.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks
  • If you are eating processed, frozen, canned, or pre prepared foods, watch your sodium intake.
  • Eat lean protein, healthy fats, an abundance of vegetables, and some fruits and other starchy carbohydrates.

You should strive to incorporate these basic healthy eating habits into every meal. Healthy eating does more than just improve your physical health tremendously, it can also improve your mental and emotional health as well. Providing positive effects throughout your body and mind.


Eating healthy and nutritiously gives your body the energy, vitamins, and nutrients it needs to exercise so you can start seeing the results you desire. Even the slightest bit of exercise is better than nothing! Taking a walk outside or playing catch in your yard is still going to benefit your body more than sitting and binging your favorite tv show. To achieve the best weight loss results while improving your overall health, you need to engage in cardiovascular exercises. Examples of this include:

  • Walking, jogging, or running
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Swimming

Incorporating cardiovascular exercises into your life will always improve your personal fitness and wellness.

How Do I Get Myself Healthier?

To take your nutrition and exercise regimen to the next level, join us at Becka’s Boot Camp! At our Boot Camp, we will help you plan out the nutrition program that works for you as well as an exercise program that fits your personal needs. At Becka’s Boot Camp, we understand that everyone is different.

Learn more and sign up here to let us take your personal fitness and wellness to the next level!