Becka the Pocket Trainer

Becka has been helping people, one-on-one and in small groups, for several years to get healthier. The biggest key to their success? Accountability. Some people need external accountability and that is where the pocket trainer comes into play.

So how does it work?

  1. For now, the pocket trainer is on Facebook, in a secret group. Becka will record a new work out for the group every week.  She’ll even include modifications. Your job is to check in after completing the work out, three times each week.
  2. Becka will also look over your meal plan or food log and help give you suggestions on where you can improve going forward. Your job is to submit your plan or log.
  3. Becka will check in daily with tips and information on all aspects of health and wellness. Your job is to check in and take in as much as you need, information wise.

Joining Becka the Pocket Trainer is on a  one month commitment , and new members will be taken only at the beginning of each month.

Becka the Pocket Trainer is designed to be an affordable alternative to actually having Becka in your pocket, and while it is a one month commitment, you will want to keep her around for months to come. Your journey to getting healthy is more than just dropping the pounds on a scale, so the Pocket Trainer program is designed for you to come back for as many months as you need.

Want Becka in YOUR Pocket? Sign up for your first month today!

What people are saying about Becka the Pocket Trainer:

 love the work out. I have the equipment at home and at the hotel gym.


The accountability of sharing my food plan and reading about the daily topics was really helpful.


What will you say about the program? What are you waiting for!?