About Becka

What is Becka’s Boot Camp and who is Becka?

The simple answer to what is Becka’s Boot Camp sounds something like this:

BBC is small group, circuit style training with an emphasis on heart rate monitoring. Classes are quick and held in a garage studio. The main goal of campers is around weight, or inches, to be lost.

The long answer is so much more.

In the small group setting, you receive individualized attention with a positive group mentality. Every class is a total body workout, with a focus on functional movement. Boot campers wear heart rate monitors to track calories burned, but also cardiovascular health and improvement, in terms of heart rate recovery, maximum hit during work out, and work out the average.

We keep in contact via a private Facebook page and you can opt into using an app with me, with near daily communication. Nutrition is a huge component for me, but I don’t force a plan on you. We work together to make sustainable, lifestyle changes.

Becka is the owner and head trainer at Becka's Boot Camp in Grayslake

How did I find that this style of boot camp works?

The answer starts with where I came from. I went to school and earned my degree in physical education and dance education. As a teacher, I realized I didn’t want to teach kids who didn’t “want” to be in my class. So I went back to bartending to pay the bills.

One day, my mom mailed me a newspaper clipping for an open house at NPTI. Teaching other people to help themselves get health was exactly what I wanted to do. I completed my certificates in personal training and 100 hours in nutrition within six months. I continued just tending bar, though, to finish paying off school. When I finally paid it off, life had happened.

I worked crazy hours, at a restaurant and at a bar. I was a homeowner with cleaning and repairs that needed to be done. I was a single parent whose child was in parochial school. Eating at work was convenient and often free, but not healthy. I didn’t get much time with my son, so I didn’t want to give up our time to work out. The bar closed at 3, and my son was up for school by 7 so my sleep was poor, in both quality and quantity. I was unable to always button my pants, and they were seven sizes bigger than my normal size.

I decided my son and I deserved better, and so I changed. I applied for a training job, started working out six days a week, and overhauled my eating habits. In eleven weeks, I was filling my schedule with clients and down thirty-three pounds. Over the next year, I lost another seven pounds, to an even forty-pound loss. Since then, I haven’t stopped learning about nutrition, training, and even self-improvement. I have changed my personal eating habits and training routines several times over. I have moved, gotten married, and had two more children.

I know what it takes to successfully live a happier, healthier life.

I also understand there is physical health, mental health, and nutritional aspects to being healthy. I change the programming in boot camp every 3 months, to make sure campers are always being challenged and growing. We chat openly during sessions about food and happiness and stressors in our life. The combination has been perfect for those ready to take the steps to make some changes. The combination is still helpful for those that just want to work out.

We would love for you to come and try a class to see for yourself.