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Byron Morrison author Maybe You Should Give Up book

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I love a good self help book. I know the genre doesn’t resonate with everyone, but I like to think of it as a smorgasbord. You can read a book, taking what you need, and leaving what doesn’t apply. You can also hear the same thing again, and it still sticks. Either it is presented in a better for you format, or it comes at a time that you need a reminder.
I recently came across Byron Morrison. His next book is Maybe You Should Give Up, and I was given the opportunity to read an early release. It was a quick for me read, that I enjoyed. I really liked the way he broke down the 7 areas people get hung up on themselves.
So often when we read a book like this, they tell you what to do. Morrison took his own personal experience and shared what you need to change. When I quick glanced the table of contents, I saw that one was fear. It is an area that I have never resonated with properly, I still went into the chapter with an open mind. Everyone has fear of something, I have just struggled to properly identify mine. Not trying to give away too much here, but he used examples of reframing that I found powerful.
Over the years, I have found that different types of books lend itself to different learners and personality types. Within the Four Tendencies framework, one tendency is Rebel. If I had to guess/label, I’d make Morrison to be a rebel. He took a self help book and made it opposite of what I’ve read before.
Not that his information was so different from what others talk about. At this point, there is not going to be new ideas. We are just finding ways to make it impact more and more people. One thing I have found in many books that I don’t like is when they are repetitive. Morrison finds ways to keep reminding us of what came in previous chapters. Let’s face it, sometimes we need to hear it more than once. Other times, it helps to see the lines drawn to connect the dots.
I like to share snippets from books, my key takeaways. Several times, I read a passage and thought it sounded like me. The goal setting, short term thinking, what do you really want, and being present are a few that I truly have believed in for a while. Which tells me it is on track with the work I have done on myself. At this stage in my life, chapter 6 really spoke to me. Specifically, when he wrote about dismissing your progress. It is something that becomes almost flippant and can really create a downward spiral. It was a great reminder for me to go back to my reflections, looking at how far I have come. That needle is always pushing forward, sometimes we need to celebrate how much we have overcome.
Community is super important to me, as is being a lifelong learner. Morrison really delivers the perfect for Becka package with a community and a course to dive deeper into the work. I know I am not alone in finding walking with someone always helps lighten the load.
If you are interested in Morrison’s book, you can pre-order it on Waterstones website. When you pick up a copy, I’d love to hear what you took away as your action step!