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Becka's word of the year for 2022 is finish. Finish what you start. Finish one thing before starting the next.

I LOVE new years eve into new years day. A time of reflection and planning. My word of the year 2022 journey was much better than last year. I really struggled to pick REACH last year. I think 2020 really threw me for a loop, when I chose UNCOMFORTABLE and covid19 shut the world down in response. I spent my 40th birthday writing cards to friends talking about how my goal was to reconnect over the year. When so much wasn’t according to plan, I just didn’t know where to focus my attention in 2021 for a while.
Even though the pandemic continued through 2021, making a lot of what we may have planned for in the past, un-plannable. Ruining plans for so many people, from canceled trips and races to finding divisions in circles that were un-repairable. I really found a lot to be good things that happened, and what wasn’t good was still a great lesson. I really can say I reached a lot of new places and goals in 2021.

For 2022, my word is FINISH. I am great at planning things. I am great at coming up with a priority list of tasks. However, shiny objects distract me and so many projects get let unfinished. My recent example is last year’s goal to run 750 miles. It was a great goal, I was super committed, and on track into June. Dance started back up, and I let my running goal go because I really wanted to dance. In January, dance wasn’t an option, so I didn’t factor all those hours of rehearsal into my running plan.

Any one who spends any time with me knows that I like to cram my day full of things. My plan includes self care time, intentional time with the kids, and indulgent time for myself, it isn’t all busy work. One problem with that I often need to change my priorities along the way.

I also like to plan big, huge overhaul projects. And then I don’t quite have the vision carried all the way to completion. So I end up with a great start, and lack luster finish. Proof of that is the organizing the kids and I have been doing this weekend. I help them create a home for everything, but not a plan to get them to return things to their “home”. My great finish this year, I am completely redoing one section of a room at a time. I will live in the mess until it is all complete. So that we have a smooth process for putting things away, daily. I am also finishing one task, before choosing the next. Today, we finished the bookcase, so I decided to move into stuffed animals, dolls, and legos. Now that those are done, I will pick the next area to tackle. Honestly, It will probably be something of mine, so I don’t need to wait for them to be able to help again.

With fitness and health, I am going to finish January before I decide what I’m doing in February. Let’s be fair, it needs to be a couple days before the month is over. I am doing yoga with adriene and whole30 for this month. I need to see how I do with each of these before I pick what I’ll do in February. I am changing medications, which will affect my food choices. I also need to see how I respond to the new medications before I decide what the end goal for medication is going to be.

The one place I am making a big, year long goal is in these blog posts. I am going to be posting weekly. I do have a list of topics to pull from. I actually sat with a coach in December and hashed out a bunch of topics. I’m open to new suggestions, so let me hear what you want to know along the way.

Do you make goals? Resolutions? Pick a word of the year? Choose your mantra? I’d love to hear in the comments what you are working towards. A ship is safe in habor, but that is not what it is meant for. Yet when you’re out to sea, you may need to adjust your sails along the way. If you have no direction in mind, that is exactly where you will head.